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Here's what you need to know

Do you have to pay extra shipping costs?

No, in principle no. All prices in the URBAN TIRE web shop include shipping costs for orders with even numbers. You can also place orders for a single tire.

Shipping costs are included, they are not free. And that's an important difference.

Sending tires costs a lot of money. The tires are heavy and large and couriers prefer to ship smaller, lighter packages by far. That's why we say that the shipping costs are included, because free shipping is not at all.

To efficiently manage these costs, URBAN TIRE includes shipping on all orders with even numbers.

But of course you can order from 1 piece. For orders with an odd number, you pay a small contribution to the shipping costs. Because? This is because almost all tires are packed for 2 pieces and we pay the shipping costs per package. If you buy an odd number of tires, the delivery includes a package with only one tire. The shipping costs for this package are the same as for this package with 2 tires. The surcharge for orders of odd numbers is € 8.00 per order. Do yourself and us a favor, buy an odd number of tires only if there is no other way. If additional shipping costs apply to your order, these will be automatically indicated in the order before payment.

Do you live on an island or in another remote area?

In some countries there is a supplement of € 30.00 per package for some remote areas (islands, mountain areas) with some tires (depending on the courier). Living on an island or in the mountains has many advantages and occasionally a small disadvantage. You will be asked to enter your postal code in the cart. If a remote area surcharge applies to your order, this will be automatically indicated in your order before payment.

URBAN TYRE: shipping included!